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Built by investment professionals, Atom Finance's mission is to provide unparalleled access to institutional investing resources and tools.
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We focus on the areas of due diligence that matter.



Large institutional investment firms have always had a leg up on individual investors. Atom Finance levels the playing field by providing individual investors and independent investment teams access to institutional-grade company data and investing resources.


Software innovation in finance has lagged behind other sectors. Atom Finance embraces modern technology standards and reimagines the outdated user interface introduced by legacy terminals. Our platform delivers institutional-grade content while optimizing for usability and workflow efficiencies.


We recognize that the investment process is not one size fits all. Our platform precisely customizes and curates the research experience to your needs. Financial software should cater to investors, not the other way around.


We understand that real-time communication is key to informed decision making and a thriving investment community. Our platform is designed so you can collaborate and share crucial insights with colleagues and team members as efficiently as possible.

Powerful software solutions for investment research and analysis.

Built for individual investors and independent investing teams.

Individual investors
Institutional-grade investment resources have remained locked within prohibitively expensive legacy platforms for decades until now. Atom Finance levels the playing field and eliminates the information disadvantage for individual investors by providing access to the same caliber of tools and data used by institutional investing firms.
Independent investing teams
Atom Finance's platform was designed to enhance professional workflow efficiencies and collaboration across teams. We’ve combined the most sophisticated investment resources into a single product and made it simple to save, share, and communicate with team members.
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Get ahead of the trading day when you’re away from the desk. Set up custom mobile alerts to receive a curated mobile experience with daily market briefings, comprehensive company data, and all the most relevant news, events, and documents based on your holdings and watchlists.
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