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Quickly and easily create customized feeds with news, research, transcripts, and other content that aligns with clients’ interests and skill level.
Screenshot showing 3 news headlines that show the Apple logo, Peloton logo, and General Motors logo.
Low-quality news providers can’t sort out all of the clickbait; they transmit data via unreliable FTP feeds; and they provide basic news coverage—nothing more. Your clients are left with undependable content that lacks depth.
Atom Finance works with reputable providers to ensure your clients receive real-time news coverage that spans domestic and international markets and crypto. We provide sorted and tagged content along with insights that helps clients make well-informed investing decisions.

What you can expect

No need to second-guess sources
Aggregated content comes from the highest-quality news providers
Always be the first to know
Real-time news coverage means knowing the story as it breaks
Follow familiar market news—and discover new ideas
Broad coverage of domestic and international markets, crypto, and more
A custom client experience
Choose content that aligns with your clients’ interests and skill level


Premium features

News feed

We aggregate news and content from the top financial news agencies in the industry. You can build custom feeds by topic, asset type, financial sector, document type, and more. Our high-quality results are automatically enhanced with machine learning, which performs instant sentiment and trending topic analysis.
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Screenshot showing a news feed page that’s highlighting top stories.

Documents, data, and more

Clients can easily access the SEC filings—such as 10-Ks, 10-Qs, and 8-Ks—they need to reference before buying or selling shares in the company. We also provide access to earnings call transcripts, corporate presentations, and more.
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Sentiment analysis and trending topics

No time to read? No problem. Sentiment analysis gives clients an instant indicator of whether news about a company is positive, neutral, or negative, while trending topics extracts key words and phrases from the news to help investors effortlessly get up to speed on the most pressing matters.
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A screenshot shows Tesla Inc. (TSLA). There’s a chart showing that news sentiment is trending positive, 5 trending topic keywords, and 2 news stories.

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Atom Finance is committed to protecting personal information, safeguarding sensitive data, and maintaining the highest standards of software security.
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Atom is pursuing compliance with SOC2 as well as ISO 27001.

All endpoints require SSL. Our server-to-server API offers the OAuth 2.0 authentication framework.
In the rare event of an outage or degradation in product experience, we post updates on

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All server-to-server requests are authenticated in one of two ways:
  1. Atom issues an API key. It can run live queries against our sandbox environment.
  2. OAuth 2.0 can be used as a more secure means of server-to-server communication.

News and Content API endpoints

  • News feed
  • Documents
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Trending topics

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