Get real-time and historical financial data

Access aggregated market, stock, crypto, forex, ETF, and fund data that’s been preprocessed and cleaned for fast and convenient integration
The Problem & Solution

Disparate sets of market data can result in inconsistent data quality, gaps in coverage, and a disconnected client experience. Not to mention all of the contracts and vendor relationships you have to negotiate!
Atom Finance provides the highest-quality aggregated market data from trusted providers across the industry. Through a single partnership with Atom Finance, your clients will receive data that’s been cleaned, adjusted, and normalized—enriching their experience with your brand. And you’ll never have to worry about vetting a data provider again!

What you can expect

Robust Outputs
Institutional-grade data covering U.S. and International markets.
Innovative product development
Feedback from our investor app drives continuous improvements to our enterprise offerings.
No exchange fees
Pay for what you need with no surprise costs or exchange fees.
Curated Information
Datasets are organized to complement users’ investing ability and help them develop meaningful insights.


Premium features

Aggregated data

We aggregate multiple high-quality data and content sources into our output and present it all in a single module. Through a single partnership with Atom, your clients get access to a variety of data and content plus instant pricing details with real-time, up-to-the-second level 1 trade data for U.S. equities.
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Streaming prices

You can subscribe to live asset updates on the Atom platform with a simple WebSocket connection. Clients can easily stream prices for a single asset or a list of assets.
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Stock information

Atom supports tens of thousands of stocks across markets, combining our proprietary equity data with datasets from trusted partners. We enrich the data with our calculation engine, carefully accounting for edge cases by normalizing chart and portfolio data for dividends, stock splits, market calendar irregularities, and more. Our data goes through a rigorous process of standardization, normalization, and mapping to ensure it’s presented in the most useful way.

Performance you can trust

  • Reliable.
  • Consistent.
  • Available.
  • Ultra-low latency: XXXX.
  • Covers over 27,000 tickers and 1,300 cryptocurrencies.

You've worked hard to earn your clients' trust.

We want to help you keep it.

Atom Finance is committed to protecting personal information, safeguarding sensitive data, and maintaining the highest standards of software security.
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Atom is pursuing compliance with SOC2 as well as ISO 27001.

All endpoints require SSL. Our server-to-server API offers the OAuth 2.0 authentication framework.
In the rare event of an outage or degradation in product experience, we post updates on

Partners can subscribe to receive status notifications.
All server-to-server requests are authenticated in one of two ways:
  1. Atom issues an API key. It can run live queries against our sandbox environment.
  2. OAuth 2.0 can be used as a more secure means of server-to-server communication.

Financial data API endpoints

  • Price snapshot (WS)
  • Streaming prices (WS)
  • Price history
  • Asset peers
  • Equity overview
  • Equity financials
  • Equity estimates
  • Equity events
  • Analyst ratings
  • Equity earnings
  • ETF overview
  • Mutual fund overview
  • Fund holdings
  • Fund composition
  • Crypto overview
  • Crypto daily lists
  • Stock daily lists
  • Market calendar
  • Market map

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