Create dynamic advanced charts and perform technical analysis.

Bring complex data sets to life and share with your network.
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The easiest way to visualize your next investment idea.

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Search SEC filings and investor documents.

Save time analyzing filings, transcripts, and presentations with News & Document Search. Quickly extract crucial company information buried within dense documents. No more digging through filings on EDGAR - simply search for topics or sections you care about and News & Document Search will instantly retrieve all relevant references so you can dive directly into the analysis.
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Track your entire investment portfolio.

Your investments are likely held across multiple accounts, at multiple brokerages. Atom Finance's Portfolio feature automatically aggregates accounts and positions, and gives you a complete view of your holdings so you can monitor overall investment performance and see true diversification. Use Fund Lookthrough to reveal your underlying holdings in ETF and mutual fund investments. Use Manual Accounts to manually input actual or simulated positions and trades.
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