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Bring any security to life with historical and real-time data, curated news and content, engaging information, and unique insights.
One screenshot shows the value of 3 top cryptocurrencies; a second screenshot shows a customizable line graph of stock market performance.
Create a custom asset page that stands out from the competition
Make your overview page simple or robust
Customize your layout to match your UX and design language
Add colorful company logos to enhance your webpage
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How to use our premium APIs and endpoints

Build custom news feeds

Create a personalized experience and drive repeat visits by choosing the sources and topics you present to clients based on their interests and investing skill level.
Screenshot showing 3 news stories about Snap Inc. stock (SNAP).

Display historical or live price charts

Help clients anticipate price movements, examine volume, or determine a specific entry or exit point for a position by displaying historical or live price charts for an asset.
Screenshot showing a dynamic price chart of Tesla Inc. stock (TSLA).

Create standout asset overview pages

Leave no question unanswered with our robust stock profile page. Display company overview data and high-level statistics, such as descriptive data, information about dividends and costs, basic financial and valuation data, and a company logo.

Present organized, streamlined information that simplifies the ETF research process. Our ETF profile pages display a description of the fund, its market capitalization, fund assets under management, portfolio manager, and more.

Introduce fresh crypto profile pages to your platform for layer-1 protocol native tokens, stablecoins, fungible tokens, and more.
Screenshot showing a sample asset overview page for Snap Inc. stock (SNAP).

How to use our premium APIs and endpoints for expert equity investors

Facilitate deeper research

Offer clients the most sophisticated resources available to help them make a well-informed decision. Our Documents API includes companies’ detailed quarterly and annual financial statements, SEC filings, transcripts, presentations, and more.
Screenshot showing a list of Facebook event transcripts with an overlaid screenshot showing a bar graph of Facebook monthly active users.

Validate clients’ research with analyst ratings

Inform clients of the most recent equity analyst ratings for a company. This endpoint is especially valuable during earnings season.
Screenshot showing analyst and company actions by date with an overlaid screenshot showing a bar graph of analyst recommendations.

Provide a market calendar to keep clients in the know

Ensure clients never miss an event for a company they’re tracking. You can add a calendar view to your platform to help clients stay informed of important events, including earnings releases.
Screenshot showing a calendar of upcoming and recent events, including earnings releases and shareholders’ meetings.
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Atom is pursuing compliance with SOC2 as well as ISO 27001.

All endpoints require SSL. Our server-to-server API offers the OAuth 2.0 authentication framework.
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All server-to-server requests are authenticated in one of two ways:
  1. Atom issues an API key. It can run live queries against our sandbox environment.
  2. OAuth 2.0 can be used as a more secure means of server-to-server communication.

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